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Month: November, 2012

Well it seems to be starting very slow here on the Potomac river. I was seeing alot of puddle ducks 2 weeks ago an now they have vanished! We all know that its early an we have our hopes high for a great season. Scouting today on my normal ride i did happen to find about 1500 Gadwalls , right many coots, an rudy ducks all which were in aquia creek. The river is pretty bare a handful of buffleheads bout it. Once again we are all here watching the weather channel non stop praying for cold air up north. We do have a little front coming through Friday night. So lets hope a few ride her I usually start seeing some Cans around Thanksgiving week. With what im seeing i believe that it will be the 2 week of December till we can honestly say we have birds. Want to wish all gunners a Happy Thanksgiving an please remember safety first on when hunting!!!   BREAKING HABITS   WWWFOWL 


best of luck to everyone the season.. happy hollidays!